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Muscle Nation Creatine Monohydrate

Muscle Nation Creatine Monohydrate

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The #1 supplement for increased performance in the gym

Scientifically proven to increase muscle mass, strength and boost exercise performance - creatine is the supplement you need, to see a real difference when working out.

Naturally found in our cells, creatine helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or intense exercise as well as altering various cellular processes in the body which lead to increased muscle growth, strength and recovery.

Boost your workload and volume during a single training session with Muscle Nation Creatine Monohydrate and increase cell hydration, to achieve long-term muscle growth.

Key benefits of creatine

  • Get proven results backed by scientific research
  • Go harder for longer with increased muscle energy and improved performance
  • Bounce back faster after an intense workout thanks to enhanced recovery
  • Achieve long-term muscle growth and gain muscle strength
  • Build muscle mass quicker than ever before
  • Unflavoured, stack-safe and can mix with anything
  • Feel on top of your game with enhanced brain function
  • Made with zero fillers and non-GMO.

Unflavoured, finely milled and without a gritty texture,  Creatine can stack with any of your favourite supps without affecting the taste or dissolvability.

Plus, this stuff is super cost-effective compared to most creatine supplements on the market. Effective supplements shouldn't have to break the bank - and Muscle Nation have made sure of that!

Directions for use

Men should take approx 5g of creatine daily, women should take approx 2.5g of creatine daily. Take it at any time of the day, depending on how it fits best with your fitness routine.

Timing isn't relevant when taking a creatine supplement, you can take it before a workout with your pre-workout supplement, post-workout with your usual protein shake or daily mixed in with any food or beverage. And remember, consistency is the key - you must continue to take your Creatine on training days and rest days for best results.

Contains 150g/30 servings

How does creatine boost performance?

About 95% of the bodies creatine is stored in the muscles, as phosphocreatine. The remaining 5% is stored in the brain, kidneys and liver. When you supplement with creative, you increase your stores of phosphocreatine. Phosphocreatine helps your body to produce a high-energy molecule called ATP (known as the bodies energy 'currency').

When you work out, the body uses up your ATP stores and creates something called ADP as a byproduct. Continuing to supplement with creatine, helps to convert ADP back into ATP, which will, in turn, help you continue to work out at peak performance, and so the cycle continues.

Now, the more ATP your body has in its system over a long period, the better you'll perform when working out because your muscles will produce more energy when lifting or exercising. And we all know that better performance in the gym will lead to increased muscle gains.

Still don't get it?

Think of creatine, like petrol, and think of yourself, like the car. The more consistent you are with taking creatine, the more your tank is topped up. Your body will always use those stores of creatine, during exercise or recovery, so it's super important to take it every single day - so that your tank isn't at risk of becoming all used up, dried out and empty!

Are there any side effects when taking creatine?

Some people have reported that creatine causes bloating or can give them a sore stomach. Now, this is likely because most creatine supplements are very grainy, and if you have a sensitive stomach, this could cause digestion issues for you.

However, Muscle Nation Creatine Monohydrate is specially formulated and made with high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, 100% micronised creatine - so, it's super smooth and safe for those with delicate stomachs. Plus, because Muscle Nation Creatine is super fine and thin, it means you'll get maximum bioavailability and absorption for the best results possible - bonus!

Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation was first established in 2016, starting as a shared dream between two mates. The brand quickly became a cult-classic in the health and fitness industry in Australia, and although Muscle Nation remains family-owned and operated - they're now an internationally recognised and respected brand, with an incredibly loyal and dedicated customer base. From supplements to activewear - they've got you covered in all areas of health and fitness.

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