Pea Protein Isolate  

We use high quality GMO free pea protein isolate all the way from Belgium, where it is extracted from the yellow pea, a natural and gluten free raw material.

Brown Rice Protein Concentrate

Just like our pea protein, the brown rice protein we use is of the highest quality and is completely natural, gluten free, and GMO free. Its excellent dispersing ability and low viscosity allows us to optimise the nutritional value of our products without compromising the deliciously creamy taste and mouthfeel. 

Natural Flavours 

All of our flavours are 100% natural and made in New Zealand. We can assure you they are all GMO free and allergen friendly.

Natural Sweetener Blend 

Our unique sweetener blend was developed in New Zealand and includes stevia leaf extract; and just like all of our other ingredients, it is high quality, GMO free, and allergen friendly.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder 

When sourcing this superfood for our product, we wanted only the best. That's why we decided to use raw organic cacao powder from the beans of the Criollo Cacao in Peru. Nothing less.

New Zealand Organic Sea Salt 

We only use organic sea salt that is extracted right here in New Zealand.

And that's it...nothing else!